University Cabinet

The university cabinet meets at the call of the president and advises the president concerning the development of policy, the governance of the university, strategic planning, and the fiscal operation of the university.

James Rankin, PhD

Academic Affairs
Lance Roberts, PhD, Vice President and Provost

Molly Moore, Associate Provost for Academic Administration

Joel Lueken, Director

Facilities, Risk, and Services
Jerilyn Roberts, Associate Vice President

Faculty Senate
Bill Cross, PhD

Finance and Administration
William Spindle, Vice President for Finance and Administration

Graduate Education
Maribeth Price, PhD, Dean

Human Resources
Kelsey O'Neill, Associate Vice President

Information Technology Services
Bryan Schumacher, Director

Marketing and Communications
Ann Brentlinger, Director of Marketing and Communication

Research Affairs
Ralph Davis, PhD, Vice President
Joseph Wright, Associate Vice President for Research-Economic Development

Center for Alumni Relations and Advancement
Paul Krueger, Chief Executive Officer
Sarah Von Eye, Interim Alumni Director

Student Development
Joseph Dlugos, PhD, Associate Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students

Civil Service Employees
Kharla Vock

(NFE) Exempt Employees
Johnica Morrow

Student Association
Olivia Jurrens, President