STEM Academics

There are no easy degrees at Mines. We prepare graduates who tackle the most difficult challenges of the twenty-first century. We educate students to a high standard in a wide array of engineering and science disciplines. We expect hard work and lots of studying, but you are not alone. We want you to succeed. If you are willing to work, we will help you master the material. 1 in 5 of our students goes directly to graduate school, including medical school. We offer a wide array of accelerated master's programs in which our top students start graduate courses in their senior year and finish their master's in one additional year. 


Service With A Purpose

Mines alumnus David LaPorte will spend the year combating landslide devastation on Guatemala’s slopes as a Fulbright Scholar. While he is one of over 1,900 US Fulbright Scholars who will address critical challenges abroad, he is the only one to have made the 2,400-mile trek back from the heart of Central America to Austin, Texas, on a 10-speed bike custom built by him and a Guatemalan friend.

David LaPorte, pictured above in orange jersey, with some local friends.