How To Join

Who Can Join Camp?

CAMP is open to any South Dakota Mines student, any year, any discipline. In fact, we encourage diversity of interests and backgrounds. While many CAMP participants are engineering students, if you are here to study math, delve into physics or get the academic foundation for a law or medical career, there's a place for you in CAMP. The point of the CAMP experience is to experience how different skill sets and viewpoints work together to achieve meaningful results.

How To Join

To join CAMP, just stop into the CAMP office located on the second floor of the Civil Mechanical Building room 209. You don't need an instructor's nomination, or a mastery of any particular skill, just a desire to try something new. The CAMP office will give you an overview of the teams and connect you with a team leader.

Join as an Individual or Join as a Team

Our roster of teams isn't set in stone. We're open to new potential teams -- just come talk to us at the CAMP Office.

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