Director: Dr. Dolan
Associate Director: Kimberly Osberg
Manufacturing Specialist: Ryan Koontz

Dolan, Daniel Osberg, Kimberly

Dr. Dolan
ME / CM 207
Phone: (605)394-1273

Kimberly Osberg
CM 246A
Phone: (605)394-2500

Koontz, Ryan

Ryan Koontz
CM 208
Phone: (605)394-6885


Dr. Dolan joined the faculty of the SDSM&T in 1981 after completing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a Post Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Duisburg in Germany. He has taught courses in thermodynamics, dynamics, controls and manufacturing. He enjoys teaching in all of these areas, but especially in vehicle development courses such as IC Engines and Vehicle Dynamics . He has worked in industry for General Motors and Onan on engine development and at MTS on manufacturing control system development. He has co-authored over 30 technical papers, six of which have been published in the last three years. Dr. Dolan is also the co-inventor on six patents.

Kimberly Osberg, Associate Director for the Center for Advanced Multidisciplinary Projects (CAMP). Kim earned her B.S. from South Dakota State University in 1995 and is pursuing her M.S. from USD as well. Kim has spent much of her post graduate work in the area of Student Development, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Kim is certified to administer the EQi2.0 and asses and debriefs CAMP students with this emotional intelligence tool. Kim organizes and teaches the CAMP Student Leader Executive Council and helps facilitate the Advanced Leadership seminars. She maintains the CAMP website and facilitates many PR events. Kim helps mentor students, works with team projects as well as faculty and staff and advices all CAMP teams. She also shares the responsibility of CAMP program planning and finances.

Ryan Kootz has a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from SDSM&T. Ryan completed his B.S. degree in 1998 and M.S in 2001. His master’s thesis was a study of spark-induced disturbance in a supersonic flow. After his masters degree, he stayed on as an instructor for the ME department until the position of Manufacturing Specialist opened in 2002. As the Integrated Manufacturing Specialist for CAMP, Ryan assists students, faculty, and staff with design and manufacturing of parts for use in CAMP sponsored projects. In 2017 he completed his doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering, where he studied the relationship between how students complete engineering design problems and their emotional intelligence.  In addition to applying this research to educate design engineers, he also acts as producibility engineer for all senor design projects and other student projects which involve the use of CAMP’s advanced manufacturing lab or CAT lab.

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