Interested in Working for CAMP?

CAMP offers a number of opportunities for part time employment:

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study awards are based on financial need as determined by the results of the FAFSA and the awarding policy of the South Dakota Mines. Employment opportunities are available both on and off campus with off- campus positions focused on community service. We are actively seeking students to participate in work study. Some, but not all areas where work studies can help include: working on our photo database, taking photos or videos at events, helping with events, and light paperwork.

More about Work-Study programs at South Dakota Mines

CAMP Part-Time Workers

For CAMP non-work-study student employment,  we are looking for a more hands-on member. You must be a member of a CAMP team and part of your job is to represent us. Students may give tours of the CAT Lab to prospective students and other youth groups. Other duties include organization of CAMP activities, working with Student Development personnel or student government members on CAMP's behalf, and/or managing the CAT Lab.  Use our Student Employment Application. If you wish to work for CAMP please fill out the New Hire Information form and bring to the CAMP office.

Associate Director, CAMP

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