Chemical Processes

  1. Please make sure chemicals that are stored in your area have been approved and are indeed stored correctly. That means you need to take inventory and send this information to Please use the CHEMICAL APPROVER FORM. Attach MSDS information with your form.
  2. Please keep everything that has been approved on an inventory sheet called APPROVED CHEMICALS LIST in your work area so that if Environmental Health and Safety people come through and request to see the chemicals we have on hand we can easily produce that. My suggestion would be to keep this on your F drive and a printed copy in your work area.
  3. Once the chemicals are approved by Dr. Koontz forward approved chemicals to the campus chemical storeroom – – to get it listed on the online MSDS. You can find that here:
    • Look under Campus MSDS, then enter Mechanical Engineering as location, etc.
  4. If you want to order a chemical – whether it be *shop or *lab, please first check the Campus Storeroom Inventory, also found at We are trying to keep items on hand – especially if you request to keep x amount in the storeroom for quick ordering occasions. All lab chemicals must be ordered through the storeroom, some shop chemicals may be purchased through CAMP with prior approval from Dr. Koontz. If you need to get a shop chemical, something that is more free for teams to purchase on your own, you will need the CHEMICAL ORDER FORM. Also attach MSDS.
  5. If you need to dispose of old chemicals or things you no longer need please place them on a table near the garage door – or a safe spot in your respective lab and record it on the WASTE TURN IN INVENTORY. Please use a sharpie to write a number on the chemical itself that corresponds with the same number on the turn in sheet. Alert Kim that items need to be discarded.
  6. Barcodes will then be provided to put on your chemicals. The barcode system only applies to chemstore chemicals; this does not apply to shop chemicals. But all chemicals do need to be clearly labeled.
  7. Safety and Chemical Processes are also located in the Safety binder in the CAT Lab.

Chemical Forms

University Chemical Storeroom

South Dakota Mines Policy Manual (section VII – explains lab and shop chemicals as well as chemical storage and disposal)

Chemical Hygiene and Lab Safety Manual

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