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At least once a year, each team goes on a trip somewhere around the world. While the trip may be the highlight of the year, it is very important to have the necessary details taken care of before the team leaves for competition. The next few pages covers the essentials of travel including trip preparation, travel paperwork, transportation, lodging, and other miscellaneous items. A checklist of what the student needs to do is located at the end of the explanations. Attached at the end are worksheets to help with travel itineraries, travel budgets, and team/individual checklists before competition starts.

Pre-Trip Preparation 

Semester Before

  • Planning meeting with agenda below (Attendees: Team leaders and all team members traveling, Advisors, CAMP Personnel - Kim).
    -- Establish the cost/budget and possible sponsors
    -- Determine what paperwork is needed and when the deadline is for submitting all paperwork
    -- Begin travel checklist and keep copies of all travel-related paperwork in the teams’ travel folder.
  • Submit budget paperwork to CAMP office and keep a copy for the team.
  • Determine payment method for competition registration (you must fill out a Pre-Payment of Registration form if using State SOAP funds).
  • Make reservations with hotels, State Fleet vehicles, car rental companies, vendors, etc.
  • Submit travel paper work, such as CAMP Request for Out of State Travel form, Student Insurance form, and Cash Advance Request form (if necessary).

At Least 2 Months Before (preferably immediately after registration is confirmed)

  • Review trip itinerary with all team members and advisors at a pre-trip meeting.
  • Fill out and submit Waiver and Medical Release Forms to the CAMP office. Please note that these forms say that they should be submitted to Student Activities and Leadership office - please submit them to the CAMP office instead. This form can be found at
  • Ensure that all required travel paperwork has been submitted to the CAMP and/or business office. Have copies of all paperwork for your team’s travel folder AND the CAMP office.

Two Weeks Before

  • Confirm all reservations (lodging, State fleet vehicle, car rentals, etc.)
  • Last chance to submit Cash Travel Advance Request if necessary
  • Check in with CAMP office to make sure that all paperwork has been submitted and all signatures have been obtained.

One Week Before

  • Obtain Cash Travel Advance 7 to 10 days before departure (if necessary)

Day Before or Day of Prior to Departure

  1. Pick up vehicle (if necessary)
  2. Load vehicle and/or trailer
  3. Make sure you have travel documents (team travel folder) as well as the registration paperwork for the CAMP trailer (if necessary).

Post Trip

  • Record mileage of vehicle before and after trip (if necessary)
  • Unload and clean out van/trailer (if necessary)
  • Return vehicle/keys
  • Submit all receipts to the CAMP office for travel details and reimbursements no later than 14 days after your team has returned from the trip.

Registering for Competition

Registration is a necessary requirement for most competitions and the method of registration differs depending on the group sponsoring the competition. There are certain methods of payment for registration fees that are required by the business office. These options are outlined below. Work with the CAMP office to determine which method will works best for the type of registration your team will be engaging in.

Prepayment of Registration Fees

  • This form must be filled out by any team that is using state SOAP funds to pay for their registration fee.
  • This form should be filled out no later than 2 weeks prior to registration if possible. The Request for Prepayment of Registration Fee form can be found at on the CAMP website
  • Please submit this to the CAMP office and retain a copy for your team’s travel folder as well.

Purchase Order

  • Not all of the organizations sponsoring a competition will allow for a purchase order to be used as payment of registration fees. However, if this is an option, please let the CAMP office know and they will work with you to submit a purchase order for your registration fees.
  • If the vendor is not in the SDSMT system a SDSMT W-9 is required to be submitted by that vendor before they will be paid.

School Credit Card

  • SDSMT Purchasing Office has a credit card for use by the school, however, there is a rather low credit limit on this card so please make sure that your team notifies the CAMP office to set up arrangements no later than 14 days prior to using the card for registration.

Personal payment/reimbursement:

  • Personal payment for registration by a member of the team is acceptable, however, you are still required to submit a Request for Pre-Payment of Registration Fees form if you are going to be reimbursed using state funds (SOAP). You MUST provide a receipt with proof of payment, an agenda of the event, and a signature of approval from Dr. Dolan or Kim in order to be reimbursed.

Travel Paperwork and Documents

There are several documents that need to be submitted to the business office before students are allowed to travel. These documents are listed below. Please note the required time frames for submitting these documents. All of these documents can be found at

Request for Out of State Travel (if necessary)

  • If your team is traveling out of state you are required to submit this form to the business office at least 30 days prior to travel. Since this form is required before the school will provide payment to vendors (for registration, hotel, airfare, etc.) or cash advances, submitting this form earlier than 30 days prior to travel is highly recommended.
  • Please fill out the CAMP Request for Out of State Travel  form and submit it to the CAMP office no later than 45 days prior to travel so that CAMP personnel are able to complete the official Request for Out of State Travel and submit it to the business office in the requisite amount of time.
  • The official form (filled out by the CAMP office) will require the signature of the requester (team leader) before it can be submitted.
  • Although it does not say so on the form, you must also submit the names, signatures, and student ID numbers of all students that will be traveling with the team.
  • This form can be found at CAMP's website Forms page.

Student Trip Insurance:

  • A list with the names of all students traveling is required to submit this form. The CAMP Request for Out of State Travel form also requires a list of the students traveling so that form may be used to complete the Student Trip Insurance form. The CAMP office will fill out this form when the Request for Out of State Travel is received.

 Cash Travel Advance:

  • If your team requires a cash travel advance you must submit a Cash Travel Advance Request to the business office. Cash advances are calculated at 80% of expenses and are subject to a $200 minimum and a $2,000 maximum.
  • This form must be submitted no later than 14 days before travel and the advance will be paid 7 to 10 days prior to departure.
  • This form also requires the signature of the requester (team leader) and Department Head/Director (Dan Dolan or Kim Osberg).
  • This form can be found at


It is the responsibility of the team to determine what modes of transportation will be used when traveling, however, there are pros and cons to all methods of transportation. This section will describe the types of transportation that may be used and what paperwork is required for each method.


Airline tickets may be purchased through the Purchasing Office using a purchase order or may be purchased personally and reimbursed on the travel detail after the trip. If your team will be using a purchase order, you must submit your Request for Out of State Travel form to the CAMP office as it contains all of the information necessary to order tickets for your team. Note that the Request for Out of State Travel form is required to be submitted before the purchase order for airline tickets will be submitted to the business office.

State Vehicles (fleet)

  • State vehicles are available for rental through the Facilities office. If your team wishes to rent a fleet vehicle you will need to fill out the State Fleet Vehicle Request form and submit it to the CAMP office no later than 30 days prior to departure. CAMP will submit the request to Facilities and send the team a confirmation of the fleet reservation.
  • Any students who may be driving state vehicles will need to provide a copy of their drivers license and proof of auto insurance coverage.

Personal Vehicles

  • The business office prefers that personal vehicles are NOT used unless there are no fleet vehicles available during the times that they are needed. If the team chooses to use a personal vehicle they will be reimbursed at a lower rate (23 cents per mile) than the normal rate (42 cents per mile). Note that the only time personal vehicles will be reimbursed at the normal rate of 42 cents per mile is if there are no fleet vehicles available.
  • Make sure to notify the CAMP office if and why a personal vehicle is being used.

Rental vehicle

  • If a rental vehicle (a non-state fleet vehicle) is needed the team will need to provide a rental car justification memo attached to the reimbursement request. The justification memo must include why a rental car was necessary and why a taxi or other public transportation could not be used.
  • All rental car insurance is a personal expense unless it is for a student driver under a specific age.

Lodging and Per Diem Expenses

It is important to make your lodging reservations as soon as you know the dates that you will be traveling and your request to travel has been approved (if traveling out of the state or country). The following information includes the daily allowances for lodging and per diem rates as well as methods of payment for lodging.

Paying for lodging

 There are several methods that can be used when paying for lodging. Each option has its pros and cons. They include:

  • Cash Advance: As stated previously, cash advances are calculated at 80% of the total estimated cost so some money will still be coming out of pocket and you will have to request to be reimbursed for that amount. If you go over the amount of the cash advance you will be responsible for paying SDSMT back. If your team wishes to pay with a cash advance please fill out the cash advance form and submit to the CAMP office no later than 14 days prior to departure.
  • Check: This method is only possible through the Foundation. Some hotels will not accept checks as payment but you never know until you ask. They may require you to hold the room with a credit card but will allow you to pay them with a check upon checkout. Make sure to make these arrangements with the hotel when making your reservations. If you are using a check to pay for lodging, you must submit a Foundation Check Request no later than 14 business days before departure to ensure that the Foundation can cut the check for your team to take on the trip.
  • Personal payment/credit card: Please note that this method is not encouraged by the business office. However, if your team is paying for lodging with personal credit cards it works best if each team member pays for their own portion of the hotel bill as that is how they will be reimbursed. Each person is reimbursed for their portion of the hotel bill so even if one member of the team pays for everyone’s rooms they will NOT be reimbursed for the entire amount. It will be up to the rest of the individuals that traveled to make sure that their portion of the reimbursement makes it back to the person that actually paid for the hotel room. Also, you MUST provide an itemized hotel bill to receive reimbursement - not just a receipt.

Lodging and Per Diem Rates



  • Per diem for meals is not payable at home stations (i.e. if the event is in Rapid City and you are not traveling) except through the Foundation.
  • If meals are covered by registration fees you may not receive per diem reimbursement for those meals.

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