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Baja SAE is a competition where teams design, build and race an off-road Baja car that will be tested in both static and dynamic events. Teams take what they learn in the classroom and apply it to a real world engineering problems that deal with reliability, efficiency, and performance. This gives members of the team the experience of every aspect of what goes into designing a high performance vehicle and working on a performance driven team.

The South Dakota Mines Baja SAE team participated in the 2013 Western Washington Baja SAE Competition (formerly Mini Baja West). There were teams from around the world registered for this event, many of them from top automotive engineering schools. Of them, 64 passed the technical inspection and were allowed to compete in the dynamic events. Our team represented us well by bringing home the Sixteenth Place Overall trophy with our new car. They received numerous event trophies including fifth place in design, twelfth place in cost and sales presentation.

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