Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Not Active)

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The South Dakota Mines Unmanned Aerial Vehicle team consists of several students from a variety of majors including freshman all the way up to graduate level students. We also have several professors and faculty working with us to make our project a success. Our Goal is to design and build an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to compete in the International Arial Robotics Competition In July. Ultimately, our competition is to be able to shepherd at least the minimum number of autonomous ground robots across the green boundary line of a 20 x 20 meter arena. This must be done under 10 minutes while avoiding obstacles in a completely autonomous flight. (see competition website link below)

The unmanned aerial vehicle team was formed for several reasons. The primary reason, is to compete in and win the International Aerial Robotics Competition. It is also important for the South Dakota Mines UAV team is to explore the frontier of aerial robotics. Our team would like to someday develop some new technologies which will be used in both commercial and military UAV’s.

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