Meet Our Graduates

Tiospaye Scholar Honor Roll of Graduates:

Jessica Chretien Muxen, Industrial Engineering, May 2010
Jaqueline DeMent, Civil Engineering, May 2011
Vanessa Sevier, Civil Engineering, May 2011
Jessica Tsingine, Industrial Engineering, May 2011
Natasha Begay, Industrial Engineering, May 2012
Jeramie Dunn, Mining Engineering, May 2012
Santiago Handboy, Industrial Engineering, May 2012
Beau White, Industrial Engineering, December 2012
Clarita Begishe, Mining Engineering, May 2013
Shane Herrod, Civil Engineering, May 2013
Deidre Wolf, Interdisciplinary Sciences, May 2013
Nick Grimshaw, Industrial Engineering, December 2013
Kimberlynn Cameron, Geological Engineering, May 2014
Jacob Phipps, Chemistry, May 2014
Jon Ramsey, Mining Engineering, May 2014
Zachary Boyd, Industrial Engineering, December 2014 
Grace Sumption, Geology, December 2014 
John Fuerstenau, Mining Engineering, May 2015
Levi Lange, Mechanical Engineering, May 2015
David Molash, Physics, May 2015
Derrick Schell, Mechanical Engineering, May 2015
Cody Tidwell, Chemistry, May 2015

Meet a few of our past graduates:

Natasha Begay

Begay, Natasha

Hometown: Page, AZ
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Graduation Year: May 2012
Major Studied: Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
Occupation: I am a Field Engineer IV for TIC (The Industrial Company) at their Tuscon, AZ office
Favorite Memory from SDSMT: Playing basketball for the lady Hardrockers. Great school and great teachers.
Advice for Current Mines Students: Hard work pays off
Advice for High School Students Interested in Science or Engineering: It's a great field to go into; it can cover just about anything that you want to pursue.
How did the Tiospaye Program help you Succeed at Mines: I met some great people that were there to help me when I needed it.
Why did you decide to attend SDSMT? Mines is a great engineering school and that's what I wanted to get a degree in. Also, SDSMT wanted me to play basketball for them.

Jessica Tsingine

Tsingine, Jessica  

Hometown: Tuba City, AZ
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo and Hopi
Graduation Year: May 2011
Major Studied: Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
Occupation: Environment of Care Manager (Safety Officer)
Favorite Memory from SDSMT: Hanging out in the locker room after practice, Nacho Bar at Surbeck, Tiospaye luncheons
Advice for High School Students Interested in Science or Engineering: Find summer programs to attend to keep yourself busy. You get to meet different people and experience being away from home. If you are interested in specifically engineering or science, pay attention in the basic classes, especially algebra because most mistakes made in calculus are algebra.
How did the Tiospaye Program help you Succeed at Mines: The Tiospaye program was not only a scholarship; it helped me develop a network with other Native American students who are taking the same classes. We developed study groups and were able to get to know each. Also, you can't pass up a lunch (college life).
Why did you decide to attend SDSMT? I decided to transfer to SDSM&T after my second year at Mesa Community College to continue playing basketball. I was sure I wanted to pursue a degree in engineering; however, I did not know which type of engineering. Also, my head coach at MCC was a graduate from SDSM&T and helped me weight my options; plus I did a campus visit and really like the area. Dr. Kerk also talked about the program and talked to my mom over the phone; you could tell you wouldn't be just a number on campus, you were a person the professors got to know.

Vanessa Sevier

Hometown: Pierre, SD
Tribal Affiliation: Rosebud Sioux Tribe
Graduation Year: May 2011
Major Studied: Civil Engineering
Occupation: Currently I work at SDSM&T as the Tiospaye Program Mentor
Favorite Memory from SDSMT: My favorite memory would have to be my first M-Week at SDSMT. Sliding down M-Hill for the first time was scary but at the same time it was a ton of fun.
Advice for Current Mines Students: My advice is to stay on top of your homework and go to class everyday (this is easier said than done). Trying to catch up in the last few weeks of the semester is unnecessary and causes way to much stress
Advice for High School Students Interested in Science or Engineering: If you enjoy learning about why and how things work, SDSMT is the best place go to!!!!
How did the Tiospaye Program help you Succeed at Mines: It helped knowing there was always someone to talk to about school and is going through the same things that you are and I also enjoyed being able to help the younger classmen that were in the program.
Why did you decide to attend SDSMT? It was a small campus and close to my family. I also heard SDSMT would give you the best "bang for your buck" meaning that the education you receive at SDSMT is worth so much more than you paid for.

Jessica Chretien Muxen

Hometown: Rapid City, SD
Tribal Affiliation: Oglala Sioux Tribe
Graduation Year: May 2010
Major Studied: Industrial Engineering
Occupation: Staff Engineer at RESPEC Consulting & Services
Favorite Memory from SDSMT: One of my favorite memories is hanging out by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and having nachos on Fridays
Advice for Current Mines Students: Networking is so very important. Developing a network of people I could turn to when I had questions or ideas was an essential part of my success at SDSMT
Advice for High School Students Interested in Science or Engineering: There is no better field or degree to pursue, because with an engineering or science degree you can do anything you like, even if it isn't necessarily engineering or science related. Having that knowledge will open many doors in your future
How Did the Tiospaye Program Help You Succeed at Mines? The Tiospaye Program aided me financially and also gave me another networking outlet. The program makes resources more visible and available for students who may be too shy or nervous to seek out
Why Did You Decide to Attend SDSMT? At first I didn't know why I started going to SDSMT. I was referred to the school by a friend who was going to Mines. I was nervous that engineering/science was over my head, but after my first couple of classes, I was hooked on the atmosphere. I was challenged and with each challenge it felt good accomplishing things I haven't originally envisioned for myself.