Tiospaye Questions

What Does Tiospaye Mean?

Tiospaye is a Lakota word which approximately translates to "extended family." This word was given to the program by Mr. Stacy Phelps. Our "tiospaye" of support includes current students and their families, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, employers, the local community, and all the existing campus support services.

Where does the Tiospaye Artwork come from?

The Tiospaye artwork of the eagle feather and eagle plume are to represent the honor given to male and female graduates of the program. The artwork was created by Mr. Del Iron Cloud, a renowned local Native American artist. See more of Mr. Iron Cloud's work

What is the Nerd Ceremony?

The nerd ceremony is an idea borrowed from the ANSEP Program at The University of Alaska Anchorage to congratulate students who pass certain requirements at South Dakota Mines. This is a fun way to honor students who pass Calculus 3 and Differential Equations.