For sophomore Christy Bergevin, getting her degree in math and computer science didn't come the traditional way. After a brief stint in college immediately after high school nearly a decade ago, the Denver, Colo., native decided she wasn't quite ready or mature enough. Instead, she worked as a waitress and later a pre-school teacher in Colorado. But when she realized her friends who attended college came to her for help with math and science, she knew it was time to try again. Despite her worries about jumping back into school after 10 years, Bergevin has found that South Dakota Mines and Rapid City are a perfect fit for her and her husband, who is also a South Dakota Mines student. "South Dakota Mines chose Rapid City for us. We came to visit and thought, 'This is so much cuter than Denver. Denver has gotten too big and what I used to love about Denver is here still in Rapid City,'" she says. In addition to her studies, Bergevin serves as a WiSE mentor and an academic tutor on campus.