Becca has helped children learn about hygiene in the depths of the Dominican Republic, worked on rainwater collection systems in Columbia, and helped develop a new cartridge for dialysis machines, the only alternative to an organ transplant for patients with kidney failure, during an internship at Medtronic.

A pre-med mechanical engineer with a Spanish minor, she’s also shadowed doctors in neurosurgery, orthopedic medicine, and trauma, all while working as a medical scribe for an obstetrician and gynecologist.

She's driven, determined, passionate with a purpose: Make the world a better place.

But more importantly, don't let others define its horizons.

Becca infuses biology into mechanical engineering, mimicking the environmentally friendly efficiency of nature's systems. And she brings engineering into medicine, viewing the body as machine.

As a Women in Science & Engineering mentor, that’s her biggest piece of advice to female freshmen. Push boundaries. Learn new things. Forge ahead with an open mind.

Because closing the gender gap in STEM offers an opportunity to challenge and change the status quo.

Be a new kind of engineer.

Be a different breed of scientist.

Be anything you want. That's the beauty of a pioneer.