As a freshman in computer science, Amanda Eubanks has found a way to marry her two passions into future potential. A lifelong runner and programming addict, her interest lies in robotic prosthetics and the neurology behind them.

For Amanda, the key isn't the products people make, but when they meet. In fact, it's that very reason she chose South Dakota Mines.

"The faculty are more involved with you, and it feels like everyone's in it together. It matters who can contribute most to the team and produce the best product."

The academics may be competitive, but the classroom atmosphere isn't.

That comradery is woven throughout her experience with WiSE, too. Paired with a senior mentor in her same major, as part of a new campus-wide mentorship program, Amanda and her mentor Allison Bodvig do everything from homework to hanging out.

But the WiSE program goes beyond campus. For Amanda, it develops character, and hers has an entrepreneurial bent. Eventually she'd like to found her own business while staying (as she puts it) on the ground floor, which may just be the hallmark of a South Dakota Mines grad: hands-on, hi-tech, and blazing trails where none existed before.