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Biomedical Engineering Degree

Program Offerings

• Bachelor of science degree in Biomedical Engineering
• Master of science degree in Biomedical Engineering
• Doctor of philosophy degree in Biomedical Engineering

What does a Biomedical Engineer do?

Biomedical engineers combine engineering principles with medical and biological sciences to improve human health by understanding both the engineering needs and the medical needs for a specific problem.  They work in manufacturing, universities, hospitals, research facilities of companies and educational and medical institutions, and government regulatory agencies.  

Course Curriculum

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Career Outlook

This is a new degree at SD Mines and salary and job outlook information is not available.

The median salary for all biomedical engineers nationally is $85,620.


Undergraduate students will have the opportunity to join ongoing research at Mines in areas such as cartilage repair for arthritis sufferers, biomaterial development, medical device fabrication, and drug delivery system development.


Graduates from SD Mines with a master’s in Biomedical Engineering are employed at places like:
Miromatrix Medical Inc.
Freserius Medical Group
Kinetic Concepts
VRL Laboratories
Others have gone on to medical and dental school



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