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Science, Technology and Society (IS-STS)

Pre-Law, Public Policy and More
(Interdisciplinary Sciences)

What is an IS-STS Major?

The IS-STS degree at SD Mines combines a strong science background with environmental, social, and science policy expertise. With a tailored curriculum, students pursue a science concentration or minor in a science field complemented by political science, history, humanities, English, and philosophy. Coursework prepares majors for law school, graduate study in public policy, community development programs, accelerated teacher certification, law enforcement, and military service. Small classes, faculty interaction, and our campus-wide focus on critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills will also help prepare students for post-graduate study.

Salary Information Not Available, IS-STS Graduates Go On To:

  • AmeriCorps
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Thrivent Financial
    California Western University Law School
  • C-Lock Technologies
  • Pennington County Emergency Management
  • City of Rapid City
    University of SD MBA Program
  • Disney
  • University of SD Law School
  • Gonzaga Law School
    University of Minnesota Public Policy Program


  • law firm, law enforcement
  • science and technology companies
  • lobbyist
  • marketing and sales
  • education
  • military
  • public policy
  • environmental sciences
  • consulting
  • community and government agencies

Internships & Co-ops

76% of Mines students gain real-world experience through internships, co-ops, and research opportunities at an average salary of over $17 an hour at 200 employers in 30 states. Students gain field experience by shadowing professionals to gain a better understanding of the day-to-day demands in their chosen field.

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Global Experiences

Experience the adventure of international travel and apply your knowledge to humanitarian efforts with Engineers & Scientists Abroad. Mines students have completed projects in Suriname, Chile, Mongolia, Haiti, Guatemala, Egypt, Colombia, and Tanzania.

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Not just academic experts, faculty involved in the Interdisciplinary Sciences program consult with industry and government on important regional, national and global projects.

More information is provided by the SD Mines Interdisciplinary Sciences Program:

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