The Future 

As we look to the future, the staff are working to develop additional unique opportunities associated with our region that leverage our historical strengths and developing expertise. For example, the T-28, a specialized aircraft designed to penetrate and investigate severe storms, operated for more than 30 years by IAS scientists for the NSF, retired in 2004. A Fairchild A-10 "Warthog", currently undergoing outfitting for scientific research into severe storms, is replacing the T-28. Our scientists are collaborating with the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA to conduct national and international storm research projects.

All of the department's scientists also have a teaching load throughout the school year. The AES Program offers a minor in atmospheric sciences through the bachelor of science in interdisciplinary sciences (B.S.I.S.) program, an MS degree in atmospheric and environmental sciences, and an interdisciplinary PhD program in atmospheric and environmental sciences. Graduate students are employed as research assistants on various projects.