Biomedical Engineering PhD

The PhD program prepares students for a career in research; advancing the frontiers of biomedical science and engineering with attention to generating new ideas for commercialization.

Students completing their PhD degrees will graduate with a higher level of expertise in transferring their understanding to the development of new knowledge and applications of one of the program’s focus areas:

  • cardiovascular mechanics/pathology/devices,
  • biomaterials,
  • computation biomedical engineering,
  • or rehabilitation engineering/assistive technology.

In addition, doctoral students will possess a high level of expertise in their specialized area of research. This competency will be developed through focused research objectives, which culminate in the doctoral dissertation. Graduates of the programs will also demonstrate:

  • The ability to communicate effectively in written and oral presentations
  • Intellectual honesty when working with data and ideas
  • The ability to make an original contribute to their field 

Program Coordinator
Contact Information

Dr. Robb M Winter
Phone: (605) 394-1237
Office: CBC 2202A