Research Areas

Current focus areas of faculty activity within the program are:

  1. Biomaterials (nanomaterials, bioadhesives, tissue engineering, etc.)  
  2. Computational Biomedical Engineering (biomechanics, imaging, advanced  modeling/simulations, etc.)
  3. Assistive Technology/Rehabilitation Engineering (advanced prosthetics, control,  biomimetics, etc.)  
  4. Bioprocess, Biomolecular and Genetic Engineering (as related to human health)
Students in the programs will be associated with one or more of several departments and research centers and laboratories, e.g., the Center for Accelerated Applications at the Nanoscale, the Center for development of Light Activated Materials, the Computation Mechanics Laboratory, or the Direct Write Technology Laboratory.

Program Coordinator
Contact Information

Dr. Robb M Winter
Phone: (605) 394-1237
Office: CBC 2202A