Gary & Ruth Veurink Scholarship $6,000

Essay Request with Criteria (v - 2018)

Deadline: 03/01/2022

Mr. Gary Veurink (ChE 1972, SAP 1971-72), who worked at The DOW Chemical Co for his full professional career with his final job as the Corporate Vice President for Dow’s global Manufacturing & Engineering, reporting directly to the CEO, and his wife Mrs. Ruth Veurink recently set up an endowment for the Gary & Ruth Veurink Scholarship ($6,000). The CBE Unit Operations Laboratory was also named after the Veurinks for their support.  Following his Dow career Gary worked for six years as Chief Operating Officer for International Justice Mission, the world’s largest anti-slavery agency.   

 Applicants for this scholarship must be majoring in Chemical Engineering at SDSM&T, have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0, based on a 4.0 = A scale, be a sophomore, junior or senior when receiving the award, and be a resident of the state of South Dakota. 

 To apply for the Veurink Scholarship please submit an essay (maximum length of 2 pages) to Dr. Michael Keegan ( at the South Dakota Mines Center for Alumni Relations and Advancement describing your character and ethics development, influences contributing to the same; examples which show your leadership development and experiences, plus examples of entrepreneurism.  Applicants are encouraged to address all influences in the character and ethics development whether that is religion, special people, experiences, or anything else they feel played a role in the same. 

 Please submit by close of business (COB) by 03/01/2022 to Dr. Keegan.  If you have questions, please let me know.