Undergraduate Education

The department offers undergraduate chemistry courses leading to an ACS-certified BS in chemistry. The department also offers courses in the biological sciences, leading to a BS in applied biological sciences. 

Chemistry Program

Upon graduation with a BS in chemistry, students will have knowledge of chemical and physical phenomena, possess critical thinking skills in chemical problem-solving, and have command of the major subdisciplines of chemistry.

The SD Mines chemistry curriculum gives students ample opportunity to supplement their chemical knowledge with a breadth of other courses available from other disciplines. This flexibility within the chemistry curriculum allows students to develop as well-rounded individuals who are able to face and meet the challenges they may anticipate in their chosen careers in chemistry or other areas where chemistry provides an outstanding intellectual background.

Applied Biological Sciences

ABS graduates will be rigorously trained in the basic biological sciences with a strong background in chemistry, mathematics, and physics.  They will then focus in one of several areas of specialization, including biomedical engineering, pre-health professions, biomedical or cancer research, molecular genetics, biotechnology, and environmental sciences.   The interdisciplinary specialization afforded by this program will uniquely position students for careers (or further graduate study) in medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, biomedical engineering and technology, biotechnology, bioprocessing, bioenergy, and patent law. ABS graduates will also be well-positioned to fill the demand for highly-trained middle and high school science teachers.

For either degree, there are a wide variety of research opportunities.  The undergraduate degree provides a solid foundation for meeting career goals or going on to graduate-level studies at the School of Mines or other academic institutions.