Job Opportunities and Co-ops

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Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

For questions regarding co-op opportunities for Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, contact: Dr. Capehart at (605) 394-1994 or at or send an email to:

Graduate Research Assistantships: Several graduate student assistantships within the Department of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences may be available each year to qualified students. These assistantships are funded through grants and/or contracts held by departmental investigators. Most graduate assistantships are based on half-time commitment (20 hours per week) during the school year, and a full time commitment for three months (40 hours per week) during the summer. Activities to be carried out by a research assistant are assigned and monitored by the principal investigator. In order to qualify for the partial tuition payment, students must carry 9 credit hours during the school year and 6 credit hours during the summer. This requirement is reduced after a student has fulfilled all coursework requirements. 

National Weather Service Co-ops: Our staff works closely with the National Weather Service and keeps apprised of what is available. 

Hourly employment is available from time to time on special projects or in the lab.

Civil Engineering

For questions regarding co-op opportunities within the Civil & Environmental Engineering department, contact: Dr. Marc Robinson, Associate Department Head and Professor,

All South Dakota Mines students are encouraged to have relevant work or research experience prior to graduation. Mines students have many opportunities to apply their education to "real world" work experiences through cooperative education (co-ops), internships, and undergraduate research opportunities. Civil and Environmental Engineering students are employed by a wide variety of industry and government agencies. Students may earn 1-3 hours of department approved elective credit for a co-op, internship or research experience. Students registered for co-op courses keep their full-time student status during the semester they are on co-op. Co-ops may be 6-8 months in duration (semester + summer). Internships are usually for the summer or part-time during the school year. Please note that these terms are used interchangeably by employers. Check with your advisor to understand the implications of missing a semester of coursework on your projected graduation date. For more information, review the CEE Co-op Guidelines document.

Job Opportunities

Handshake has internship and job postings. These job opportunities are also identified in the monthly student newsletter and are available in binders in the CEE department office.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

The Civil and Environmental Engineering department currently has opportunities for federal work-study, undergraduate research and grading positions. For more information, please contact Kim Ingleston at 605-394-2439.

Opportunities for Graduate Students

The Civil and Environmental Engineering department typically has graduate teaching and research assistantships available for MS and PhD Civil and Environmental Engineering students. Please contact Dr. James Stone.