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Civil Engineering (BS) - Environmental Engineering Specialization Curriculum

Environmental engineering is an important specialization area in the broad field of civil engineering. Environmental engineers design systems and solve pressing global problems in all areas related to the environment and public health: sustainable design of drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater treatment, and solid and hazardous waste disposal systems; development of air quality monitoring and pollution prevention programs; design of site remediation and mining reclamation programs; and development of ecosystem protection and restoration efforts, among others.


Students pursuing the Environmental Specialization take courses in environmental, geotechnical, water resources, construction, and sustainable engineering, as well as related chemical engineering courses, to prepare them for a career and/or additional studies. Students wishing to study environmental engineering at South Dakota Mines will follow a curriculum that culminates in an ABET-accredited Civil Engineering (BS) degree with a specialization in environmental engineering. For more information about this curriculum, refer to Loading...

A minor in environmental engineering is also available.

         "Environmental engineering has provided me with the challenging environment that I have always thrived under and enjoyed. I am constantly determining what the best solution is for a variety of environmental problems ranging from site cleanup and remediation, to air and water quality. My coursework, undergraduate research, and extracurricular activities at South Dakota Mines have prepared me to make a valuable contribution to the professional engineering community."

Maria Squillace - MSCE '13