Computer Science Assessment Plan

The B.S. in Computer Science program has an assessment plan that involves gathering evidence and feedback from several different sources:

  1. ABET Review - (every six years)
  2. Major Field Test - (collected every year)
  3. Senior Exit Interviews - (collected every year)            
  4. Industrial Advisory Board - (collected every two years)
  5. Initial placement/salary data - (collected every year)        
  6. Student Competition Involvement - (collected every year)        
  7. Outstanding Recent Graduate Awards - (collected every year)
  8. Co-op Reports - (collected every year)
  9. Undergraduate Research Involvement - (collected every year)
  10. Alumni Surveys - (every six years)
  11. Course Embedded Assessments - (collected every year)
  12. Senior Design - (capstone course that occurs every year)

Every year the Computer Science Curriculum Committee conducts a Curriculum Review session where assessment data is evaluated and curriculum changes are made in response to this evaluation. In addition, the Senior Design sequence of CSC 465 and CSC 467 is a project driven course where all of the projects are open for departmental review. Faculty members are able to evaluate the completed projects in Senior Design and this adds another assessment point that captures student competencies at the end of their program of study.  An assessment report is produced at the conclusion of each academic year to document the assessment process and chart the progress of the program relative to the stated mission and objectives.  

Department Head
Contact Information

Dr. Jeffrey S McGough
Phone: (605) 394-2722
Office: MDB 100