Computer Science BS

The primary goal of the computer science program is to prepare graduates to enter a dynamic and rapidly-changing field as competent computer scientists. Graduates are expected to be capable in all phases of software development including design, development, and testing. Graduates should also have a firm understanding of hardware technologies. These capabilities require the graduate to possess good communication skills, both oral and written, and the ability to work effectively as a team member. Graduates must be able to read and comprehend the literature of the discipline and be sufficiently well-versed in general theory to allow growth within the discipline as it advances. Most of the graduates will pursue careers as software engineers within the computer industry. Some may choose careers as entrepreneurs and others will pursue advanced degrees and careers in research.

Computer Science B.S. Specializations

A/I & Machine Learning

Large data sets are being produced at unprecedented rates due to the growth of computing, networking, and high-fidelity sensing; the increase in data driven science and engineering; and the growth in data collection in business marketing, sales, as well as medicine and the technology sectors. There is currently more data to be processed than can be handled by the current labor pool. Many more data scientists are needed to keep up with, and adequately process, the massive volumes of information pouring in.  

To aid in this rapid expanse of incoming data and data-driven solutions, the A/I & Machine Learning specialization is focused on data science and engineering. It involves the areas of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Big Data, Data Analytics and Applied Statistics. Data Science is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field that involves researchers from many different areas within STEM and has applications found throughout science and engineering.  

Our graduates are able to participate in four emerging areas of Data Science: 1.  Data Analysts, 2. Data Engineers, 3. Machine Learning Engineers, 4. Data Science Generalists.  


The Cybersecurity specialization includes courses in information security, networking, and digital forensics for those interested in security theory and practice in computer, network and cyber-physical systems.

This specialization is designed for students planning to start careers as Information Security Practitioners, Analysts, Consultants or continue their education in a graduate program that focuses on computer and information security and related areas such as software development, data communication, cloud computing, digital forensics, etc.

Visual and Interactive Computing

The Visual and Interactive Computing specialization provides a greater emphasis on graphics and interfaces components of programming giving students the skills to create quality graphical based computer creations. Courses cover computer graphics, virtual reality, simulation, and web design components.

This specialization is designed for students who wish to apply for jobs with a heavier user interface component. Graphical user interfaces, user experience, and the newest term of product development is a subfield of computer science that is needed for most consumer applications.

For a more detailed description of this degree program and its requirements, please see the South Dakota Mines Catalog:

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