Electrical Engineering (BS)


Where computer engineering is the intersection between hardware and software, electrical engineering is the hardware. When was the last time you thanked an Electrical Engineer for their application and design of systems incorporating electricity, electronics, or electromagnetism? When applied, electrical engineering talent drives the development of communication and power generation systems, electric motors, and medical devices.


Students establish a solid engineering foundation in circuits, electronics, electromagnetics, controls, signals, materials, communications, and power. Students become proficient in designing, building, and testing electrical products and systems. Do you want to develop prototype sensors used in NASA astronaut space suits? The hands-on and immersive experience is at the heart of this program.


Students can participate in the designing and building of drones, formula race cars, autonomous lunar robots, and Baja vehicles.

Industry partners consistently hire our students for internships or full-time opportunities across sectors from robotics to smart grids and alternative energy.

Black Hills Energy, Daktronics, Lockheed Martin, L3Harris, Boeing, Kimberly-Clark, and Honeywell, to name a few.