Optoelectronics Lab

Director: Dr. Haiping Hong

Dr. Hong’s research focuses on nano material related to optics and electronic such as OLED, solar etc. In addition, he has more than twenty five years of research experience with carbon nanomaterials, polymer composite, and self-assembly techniques.

Dr. Hong received his Ph.D. in Materials from Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel in 1998.

Dr. Hong has been awarded eleven US patents. He has published more than 120 papers in peer reviewed journals, and 6 book chapters. He also has given 49 oral presentations at national and international conferences.  His papers have been cited more than 3450 times according to the google scholar.

Unmanned & Swarm Systems (USS) Lab

Director: Dr. Shankarachary Ragi

Dr. Ragi’s research areas include UAV autonomy, cooperative control, swarm systems, and decision optimization. Autonomous operations with unmanned systems have applications in various industry sectors including defense, telecommunications, oil & gas, agriculture, and transportation. To meet these demands, Dr. Ragi’s research group tackles challenges such as inducing cooperative behavior among disparate unmanned agents (also called swarms), autonomous decision making in real-time, and optimizing sensor resources. At South Dakota Mines, Dr. Ragi leads the Unmanned & Swarm Systems Lab (USS Lab), where his team performs research activities including algorithm development, drone flight testing, sensor systems testing, and algorithm validation.

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Antennas and Wireless Communications Research (AWCR) Lab

Director: Dr. Sayan Roy

The Antennas and Wireless Communications Research (AWCR) laboratory is dedicated to the advanced research on novel antennas and contemporary wireless communication methods for applications in such fields as additive manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, Internet-of-Things (IoTs), precision agriculture, space technology, and wireless power transfer. The AWCR lab is physically located on the second floor of the EEP building at South Dakota Mines.

As a director of the AWCR lab, I am very excited to have this opportunity in sharing our research activities with you. We continuously assist, collaborate, and work with undergraduate students, graduate students, researchers, and faculties from multiple universities across the country and federal agencies such as NASA, DoD, and DARPA. We also partner with small industries around the world.

Smart Grid and Energy Research Lab (SGERL)

Director: Dr. Long Zhao

The Smart Grid and Energy Research Lab (SGERL) focuses on developing future power and energy systems. The research areas of SGERL include renewable energy integration, rural power grid development, demand-side management, smart meter data analysis, and arc flash protection. The mission of SGERL is to develop a safe, smart, and sustainable (SSS) power and energy system for the future world.

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Department Head
Contact Information

Dr. Thomas Montoya
Department Head and Professor
Phone: 605-394-1219
Office: EEP 310 (campus map)

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