Courses and Curriculum

The electrical engineering and computer engineering curricula prepare students for life-long careers by providing them with the engineering and technical education appropriate to meet modern technological challenges. Electrical engineering and computer engineering students are required to select three senior elective courses from a wide variety of subject areas to fit their particular interests. Elective subject areas include communication systems, power systems, control systems, microwave engineering, antenna engineering, computer systems, digital signal processing, microprocessor-based systems design, autonomous systems, computer networks, and computer architecture. 

More course information can also be found at the SD Mines Online Catalog.

MS EE Course Offerings

Courses that students would take for each of the focus areas would typically include, but not be limited to, those listed below: 

Communication and Applied Electromagnetics:
EE 621 Information and Coding Theory
EE 622 Statistical Communication Systems
EE 623 Random Signals and Noise
EE 692 Topics

Regular topics (EE 692) offerings include:
Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics
Guided Waves and Material Measurements
Advanced Antennas
Computational Electromagnetics

Embedded Systems and Signal Processing:
EE 612 High-Speed Digital Design
EE 624 Advanced Digital Signal Processing
EE 641 Digital Systems Design
EE 643 Advanced Digital Systems
EE 644 Fault Tolerant Computing
EE 647 HDL Design
EE 648 Advanced VLSI Design

Control and Power Systems:
EE 552 Robotic Control System
EE 618 Sensors and Signal Processing
EE 633 Power System Analysis I
EE 634 Power System Analysis II
EE 651 Digital Control Systems
EE 652 Nonlinear and Optimal Control Systems