ECE Student Internships & Jobs

All SD Mines students are encouraged to have relevant work or research experience prior to graduation. Students in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are sought by industry and government agencies performing real-world electrical and computer engineering. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for internship and co-op opportunities starting as early as the summer after their sophomore year, and the department offers help with the application process.

The terms “co-op” and “internship” are sometimes used interchangeably by employers. The practical differences are:

  • Co-ops are full-time assignments usually lasting 6-8 months (one semester plus a summer). Students register for 1-3 hours of academic credit, and keep their full-time student status while working.
  • Internships usually take place during summers and/or part-time during the school year. Academic credit is not granted for these kinds of assignments.

On average 75% of School of Mines graduates have relevant  work experience upon graduation. 

Meet Our Interns!

Mines interns have some amazing experiences. Click on a photo below to find out more.

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