GIS Data Sources

ArcGIS Online

There is a great deal of data and other content on ArcGIS Online but since anyone can post data without review, some of it is of low quality or is not documented. Some layers that look useful for analysis are imagery layers or tiled layers (image map services) that do not have downloadable data, they are just a picture. To look for data with which you can download, try adding the text "type:layer" or "type:raster" to your search text (leave out the quotes). If in Pro, click the Living Atlas button. (ArcGIS Pro has new portal search capability with filters that makes this easier.) If using, click the box for authoritative data and makes sure you toggle the button to look outside of our South Dakota Mines organization.  More info: ArcGIS Online Help: advanced search.

The F Drive

(If you don't have an F drive, with the South Dakota Mines VPN turned on, map \\\sdsmtshare to drive F:)

ArcGIS Data and Maps: F:\Dept\gisdata\esridata\dm

This is a great source for base map layers like states, counties, detailed (for local analysis) and generalized (for index maps). Data and Maps for ArcGIS is also available on ArcGIS Online.  Note, whether you bring down services or layer packages from here, you want to extract/clip/project what you need into your project geodatabase.

Esri Demography data: F:\Dept\gisdata\esridata\demog

Very detailed business and demographic data. Very powerful for studies of business and social issues. If you need any of this, let me know. This data is also available using the Enrich tool in ArcGIS Pro.

Many other items: F:\Dept\gisdata

There are many other items here including Black Hills and national geology data sets, elevation. 

On the web