Optimizing South Dakota Mines Tablets for ArcGIS

The the Fujitsu Lifebook T726, Lifebook P728 and even the old T901 tablets all pass the minimum requirements for ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap.  

But that doesn't mean you can't do things to increase ArcGIS performance:

1. Close other applications that may compete for memory with ArcGIS. (Logging out and logging in again can help will close any applications that may be running in the background.)

2. Use another computer. If your work is taking forever on your tablet, consider copying your project to a thumb drive or OneDrive (be sure and back it up!) and try working on a lab desktop that has more resources. If you are off campus, using remote desktop to access a more powerful computer on campus may be an option.

3. Do it online. Can you do what you need in the web browser using ArcGIS Online? You can easily find data and make maps and even do some very sophisticated analysis entirely online now. You can even access items created online later as needed in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro.

4. Add RAM to your tablet. This makes a big difference! You can add RAM to your tablet easily and inexpensively, without invalidating your rental agreement. 

Here are some supported RAM upgrades, with examples from Crucial.com. (This is not an endorsement, you can obtain RAM from anywhere -- along as you get the correct type.)

Check with the ITS Helpdesk for further recommendations.

Suggested RAM upgrades for South Dakota Mines tablets

Fujitsu Lifebook P728

(one 8/16G slot, std 8G)

Crucial.com price:
16G $72

Fujitsu Lifebook T726 "red line"
(4G internal, one 4/8/16G slot,
  std 8G [4+4G])

Crucial.com prices:
8G $37 (total 12G [4+8G])
16G $72 (total 20G [4+16])

Fujitsu Lifebook T900/T901"white keys"

(2 2/4 slots, std 4G (2G x 2)

Crucial.com price:
8GB kit (4G x 2) $50

(ArcGIS Pro requires of 8GB of RAM.)