Interdisciplinary Sciences Degree Program

Assessment Plan Outcomes

January 2018

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Interdisciplinary Sciences Program Objectives

PROGRAM OBJECTIVE 1: Students will develop a well-defined sense of their professional identities and goals.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • 1. Students will select and implement a curricular program of study that reflects and integrates their intended professional focus.

Assessment Method:  The student’s IS advisor will review, assess, and approve or require adjustments to the student’s Letter of Intent and completed IS worksheet.

  • Assessment Method:  The IS Curriculum Committee will review student Letters of Intent and IS worksheets each semester, and provide approval of those found to meet programmatic standards.

Assessment Method:  IS faculty will conduct exit interviews with graduating seniors to determine each student’s perception of development and progress toward meeting goals and expectations.

  • 2.Students will receive consistent, knowledgeable advising.
  • Assessment Method:  IS students will complete an Advising Survey as sophomores in IS 201 and again as seniors, in conjunction with their capstone project.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVE 2:  Students will possess and apply the broadly-based education and basic skills required to achieve their goals.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • 1. Students will design, conduct, and present senior capstone projects that reflect the student’s professional career goals and integrate the coursework leading to the degree.

Assessment Method:  IS 401 and IS 498 faculty will review and evaluate the capstone projects using writing and oral presentation rubrics.

PROGRAM OBJECTIVE 3:  Students will be prepared to contribute as professionals and citizens in their communities.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • 1. Interdisciplinary Science graduates will demonstrate interest in and ability to contribute to their communities.

Assessment Method:  Sophomore and senior year surveys to review professional and community service activities; alumni surveys to review professional service activities.