Faculty and Staff: Humanities

Department Head Humanities
Email: Allison.Gilmore@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2482
Office: CB317
B.A., University of Nebraska
M.A., University of Nebraska
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Assistant Professor/Director of Bands
Email: Haley.Armstrong@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2433
Office: MC 206
B.A.E., Eastern Washington University
B.M., Eastern Washington University
M.M.E., Indiana University
D.M.A., University of Kansas
Assistant Professor/Director of Choirs
Email: Matthew.Bumbach@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2433
Office: MC 210
B.M.E., Stetson University
M.M., University of South Florida
D.M.A., University of Miami
Assistant Professor
Email: Olivia.Burgess@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2481
Office: CB 318

B.A., Texas State University
Ph.D., Texas A&M University


Assistant Professor
Email: Erica.Haugtvedt@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2481
Office: CB 311
B.A., Ohio State University
M.A., Ohio State University
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Email: Carlie.Herrick@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-2481
Office: HUM / CB 324
B.A., University of South Dakota
M.A., University of South Dakota
Email: Constance.Hubbard@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2481
Office: CB 312

M.A., University of Nebraska


Associate Professor
Email: michael.hudgens@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-2481
Office: CB 307 / HUM
B.A., M.A., Loyola Marymount University
Ph.D. University of South Dakota
Assistant Professor
Email: Laura.Kremmel@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2481
Office: CB 323
B.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
M., University of Stirling
M.A., Lehigh University
Ph.D., Lehigh University
Email: natalie.neumann@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-2481
Office: HUM / CB #303
B.A. Western Illinois University
M.A. Western Illinois University
Email: tammy.schnittgrund@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-2433
Office: MC 305 / HUM
B.S., Northern State University
M.A., University of Montana
Email: Bryce.Tellmann@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2481
Office: CB 311

B.A., Concordia University, Nebraska
M.A., North Dakota State University
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University


Email: Evan.Thomas@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2481
Office: CB 316

B.A., Ohio State University
M.A., Ohio State University
Ph.D., Ohio State University

Associate Professor
Email: christy.tidwell@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-2481
Office: HUM / CB 325
B.A., Southwestern Adventist University 
M.A., University of Texas-Arlington 
Ph.D., University of Texas-Arlington
Email: Kelly.Weischedel@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2481
Office: CB 315
B.A., Northwest College
M.A., University of Minnesota
M.Div., Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
Email: karen.westergaard@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-2481
Office: HUM / CB 314
A. Kilian Community College
B.A. University of South Dakota
M.A. University of South Dakota
Director, APEX Gallery/Lecturer
Email: Matthew.Whitehead@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2481
Office: CB 320

B.A., Flagler College
M.F.A., University of Florida

Email: Gina.Soriano@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-1243
Office: CB 333
B.S., Black Hills State University

Emeritus Faculty

Kathy Antonen - Professor Emerita of Humanities
Leslie M. Baylor - Associate Professor Emeritus of English 
John Dunn - Professor Emeritus
Sidney G. Goss - Professor Emeritus of Sociology 
Stella Hughes - Professor Emerita of Liberal Arts
John N. Kelley - Associate Professor Emeritus of English
James McReynolds - Associate Professor Emeritus of Psychology 
Deborah Mitchell - Associate Professor Emerita of Humanities 
Sally Palmer - Professor Emerita of Humanities   
Rodney Rice - Professor Emeritus of Humanities 
Sue Shirley - Professor Emerita of Humanities 
Judy Sneller - Professor Emerita of Humanities 
Catherine A. Spelts - Associate Professor Emerita of English

Humanities & Social Sciences Courses

Fall 2020 (pdf)

Spring 2021 (pdf)

Brown Bag Presentations

Full Schedule with Titles (pdf)

OCTOBER 20, 2020
Erica Haugtvedt

NOVEMBER 17, 2020
Haley Armstrong

JANUARY 19, 2021
Christy Tidwell

FEBRUARY 16, 2021
Kayla Pritchard

MARCH 16, 2021
Laura Kremmel

APRIL 20, 2021
Matthew Bumbach