Curriculum and Checklist

The department has been very deliberate in its approach to curriculum innovation and the layout of the curriculum. Students must be aware of the rules associated with the general education program which is required for all students in the state of South Dakota. For the department, probability and statistics is the single largest bottleneck for many of our students – do not delay progression towards calculus III and probability and statistics. Prerequisites are there for a reason. These are not guidelines; they are requirements. Eight- , nine-, and ten-semester flow charts are available for your use to help you plan your program of study. In addition, we have included the program status sheet. This is the document we use when we conduct your final degree audit to ensure you have met program requirements. While the program offers a great deal of flexibility, we ask that you refer to the program electives sheet when selecting courses for various interest areas.

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Additional Help

The department is highly focused on student-centered learning, and we do our best to make sure that each and every student gets good academic advising, solid career mentoring, a social support network, and the best curriculum that we can, but we cannot do it all. The campus has a variety of support services and we encourage students to take advantage of these support services and the co-curriculum where appropriate. If you are struggling in any area, we encourage you to let us help you get in contact with faculty or campus support services.