Undergraduate Education

From generating electricity to constructing our cars, buildings, and machines, metals are the foundation of our modern world. As a metallurgical engineering student, you’ll study the processes that transform mineral resources and metals into useful materials that improve the quality of our lives.

Learn how to develop sustainable materials and processes for recycling existing materials, meeting industrial and societal needs in an environmentally-responsible way. Or pursue advanced materials testing, to ensure materials can withstand extreme environments, and investigate the causes of material failures, making recommendations that save money and lives. Students also work on compelling design projects on topics ranging from the development of a samurai sword to materials for NASA. And since three-fourths of all chemical elements are metals, you’ll produce the materials for virtually every other engineering field in existence.

Areas of specialization in Metallurgical Engineering

  • Mineral processing
    Concentrate ores and recycle materials for extractive metallurgists
  • Extractive metallurgy
    Produce pure, high-quality metals and non-metallics for materials engineers
  • Materials engineering
    Transform materials into everything from space craft to thin diamond films

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

  • REU: Back To The Future
  • REU: Security Printing & Anti-Counterfeiting Technology