Computer Science Student Outcomes

The outcomes describe the core competencies expected of all Computer Science graduates from SD Mines. The focus of the program is on preparing graduates for software development careers that emphasize mathematical, scientific, and engineering applications. The program also prepares students for their careers by emphasizing communication, teamwork, ethics, and by examining the local, global, and societal impacts of innovation and technological advancement.

At the time of graduation, all students will: 

  1. possess a strong foundation in the software development process;
  2. be able to solve problems using a variety of programming languages and have extensive experience with at least one high-level language;
  3. have a background in computer hardware and experience with a variety of operating systems;
  4. possess an extensive background in mathematics and an appreciation of the scientific method;
  5. have an understanding of the theoretical foundations of computing;
  6. have developed effective communication skills and have experience working with teams;
  7. possess an understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities.