CSC 421 Graphical User Interfaces

Course Goals

The primary objective of this course is to give the student an introduction to the theory and practice of graphical user interface concepts. From a theoretical standpoint, we will discuss topics such as basic GUI principles, human-computer interaction, and usability guidelines. From a practical standpoint, we will cover Web interface design using HTML and XML, GUI programming in Java using Swing classes, and client-server programming with Java applets and servlets.

Course Outcomes

A student who successfully completes this course should, at a minimum, be able to:

  1. understanding of fundamental graphical user interface concepts
  2. understanding of the object-oriented programming paradigm
  3. experience writing GUI programs in a variety of language and GUI frameworks (e.g., C++ using the Qt library, Java using Swing classes, C# using the .NET framework)
  4. greater understanding of the software development process; experience with drag-and-drop GUI design software
  Computer Science Student Outcomes
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