Mathematics Major Curriculum Design Spring 2014

Two items from the departmental mission statement on student goals:

  • Manage and use technology
  • Collaborate with colleagues and have the skills to communicate ideas both orally and in writing

Currently, there are few mathematics courses that are designed to give our mathematics majors an opportunity to develop these skills. With several upper division courses required by the degree program it seems feasible to allocate a few courses to assist in developing these skills. The main objective of these courses will remain content driven the added goals are considered secondary in nature.

Upper Division Courses

Upper Division Electives

Math 315 Linear Algebra Math 353 Linear Opt.
Math 373 Introduction to Numerical Analysis Math 485 Quality Control
Math 381/Math 382 Stats
Math 413 Abstract Algebra
Math 421 Complex Analysis
Math 423/424 Advanced Calculus
Math 432 Partial Differential Equations
Math 443 Data Analysis
Math 451 Mathematical Modeling
Math 452 Adv. Studies of Mathematics  
Math 498/402 Undergraduate Research  

Proposal for allocation of upper division math courses to address these goals. It is important to note that courses not included in this table are not prohibited from engaging students in learning these skills.

Learning goals Courses allocated to address goals
Manage and use technology Math 373, Math 381/382, Math 443
Collaborate with colleagues Math 451, Math 452, Math 382
Communication Skills Writing Math 402, Math 451, Math 452
Oral Communication Skills Math 402, Math 424

Definition of Skills

  • Manage and use technology – students should gain experience with the effective use of technology.
  • Collaborate with colleagues – students should gain experience in working effectively with a small group of peers.
  • Writing Skills – students should gain experience in expository writing activities related to the field of mathematics.
  • Oral Communication Skills – students should gain experience in giving formal presentations either individually or as part of a small group.