Math 373 Introduction to Numerical Analysis

Course Description

(3-0) 3 credits. Prerequisite: MATH 321 and CSC 150 or permission of instructor. This course is an introduction to numerical methods. Topics include elementary discussion of errors, polynomial interpolation, quadrature, non-linear equations, and systems of linear equations. The algorithmic approach and efficient use of the computer will be emphasized. Additional topics may include: calculation of eigenvalues and eigenvectors, numerical differentiation and integration, numerical solution of differential equations.

Couse Learning Outcomes

A student who successfully completes this course should be able to:

  1. write finite approximations of the first and second derivative
  2. identify the different types of error in numerical methods
  3. implement the use of numerical approximation for integration
  4. implement the use of Runge-Kutta to solve initial value problems
  5. apply numerical methods to solve systems of differential equations
  6. apply numerical methods to solve nonlinear equations
  7. apply numerical methods to sovle linear systems
  8. use some type of software to solve simple forms of partial differential equations