Math 402 Communicating Mathematics

Course Description

(1-0) 1 credit. Prerequisite: MATH 498. The student will produce a word-processed technical report of research conducted in MATH 498 and give a department colloquium talk summarizing her or his work. Department faculty member(s) will provide guidance in the production of the technical report and in the preparation for the colloquium talk.

Course Learning Outcomes:

A student who successfully completes this course should be able to:

  1. identify the steps to writing a technical report in mathematics
  2. identify the steps to constructing a technical presentation in mathematics
  3. communicate a research problem and its solution to a knowledgeable audience

Math 402 is identified as a class that satisfies the BOR mandated writing intensive requirement. Goal Statement: Students will write effectively and responsibly in accordance with the needs of their own disciplines.

Student Learning Outcomes:

As a result of taking courses meeting this goal, students will:

  1. Produce documents written for technical, professional, and general audiences within the context of their disciplines.
  2. Identify, evaluate, and use potential sources of information from within their disciplines for writing assignments that require research and study.
  3. Use instructor feedback throughout the semester to improve the quality of their writing.