Math 424 Advanced Calculus 2

Course Description

(4-0) 4 credits each. Prerequisite: MATH 225 and CSC 251 or MATH 225 and MATH 221 or permission of instructor. Prerequisite for MATH 424 is MATH 423. A theoretical treatment of Calculus that covers: limits; continuity and differentiability of functions of a single variable and of several variables; convergence of sequences and series; integration; and applications.

Couse Learning Outcomes

A student who successfully completes this course should be able to:

  1. write proofs of elementary theorems and proof-based solutions to problems related to:
    • convergence of infinite series for constant terms
    • convergence of sequences and series of functions
    • limits, continuity, and differentiability of functions of a sseverable variable
    • Riamann integration theory for functions of several variable
  2. apply the major theorems of severable variable calculus