Applied and Computational Mathematics Program Objectives

Program Objectives

The mission of the Applied Computational Mathematics program is:

  1. To provide educational opportunities for students to gain a firm understanding of mathematics and its applications to science and engineering.
  2. To prepare students for careers in their major or in related field. This would also include preparation to study at the graduate level.
  3. To prepare and motivate students to pursue further lifelong learning and professional development in their chosen field after completing the program.
  4. To provide an educational resource for the campus, community, and region.
  5. To provide scientific consulting and expertise to the campus, community, and region.

Objectives for the Curriculum

An effective curriculum is essential to any program. The curriculum for the mathematics program should have:

  1. A strong emphasis on the concepts, theory, and skills that are fundamental to the mathematical sciences.
  2. Illustrations that enhance theory through the use of applications from science and / or engineering.
  3. Effective use of technology.
  4. Activities or material that will enable students to obtain their educational goals.
  5. Activities or material that will enable students to obtain their professional goals.

Objectives for the Faculty

Two components of the mathematics program have been identified by the previous two categories: the target (the students) and the instrument of the program (the curriculum). This last component is the vehicle that brings the two together. Instruction and instructors of the mathematics program should collectively:

  1. Provide the best possible instruction for the math courses.
  2. Be a resource to the campus, community, and region.
  3. Be a source of scholarly activity in the mathematical sciences or a related discipline.
  4. Encourage and support curriculum development.
  5. Facilitate undergraduate research.
  6. Encourage and promote faculty development.