Applied and Computational Mathematics Assessment Plan

The assessment plan for the B.S. in Applied and Computational Mathematics is mainly devised in two different components.
1.    Courses are evaluated in an annual curriculum review where the course embedded assessments are used to evaluate course structure and student performance. Course embedded assessments are done in a scheduled rotation that is determined by the Department Head.

  1. Course Embedded Assessments involve a portfolio that presents the assignments and the exams used in the course along with an overall class performance summary for each test.  The overall course grade distribution is also provided.
  2. Course materials are evaluated to make sure course outcomes are adequately covered and the class performance matches department expectations. The curriculum review also includes a discussion to determine if course outcomes should be changed.

2.   The Applied and Computational Mathematics degree features a capstone experience, which is a two semester sequence in undergraduate research. All research projects result in a technical paper and a presentation.

  1. All presentations are done in a department colloquium and all department faculty members are encouraged to attend these presentations.
  2. The final technical papers are also available to department faculty for review.
  3. This open forum for the undergraduate research projects allows a yearly review of all graduates.