The Accelerated Option for CSR

The Computational Sciences and Robotics (CSR) program and the Computer Science program have partnered to provide a five year degree program resulting in a BS in Computer Science and an MS in CSR. The student will begin by completing the requirements for the undergraduate degree in Computer Science. Students accepted into this special program are give the opportunity to apply a maximum of 10 credits of their undergraduate program to their graduate program of study.

  • These courses should be taken at the graduate level and should be courses that are part of the approved list of CSR electives
  • Any courses required for the B.S. degree are not allowed to count towards the accelerated M.S.
  • All courses counted by both the B.S. and M.S. should be taken on the campus of SD Mines

The CS undergraduate degree has some free credits (depending on catalog year). Students following this program will obtain a B.S. in computer science after the fourth year. Admission into the CSR program will be done in the late Junior or Senior year. Thesis research work may begin during the summer following the Senior year and a research relationship with a faculty member should be established in the senior year (through a research group, Senior Design or CAMP). The student needs to be thesis ready at the end of the fourth year.


  • First - Fourth year: follow the traditional Computer Science Curriculum
  • Summer prior to Fifth year: 3 thesis credits
  • Fifth year Fall: 12 credits
  • Fifth year Spring: 9 credits coursework, 3 credits thesis research
  • Summer following Fifth year: 3 thesis credits

Interested students should contact Dr. Karlsson or Dr. Riley as soon as possible.

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