Graduate Education

Computational Sciences & Robotics MS

MS RoboticsThe Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a master of science degree in computational sciences & robotics (CSR). This distinctive degree program combines the intelligent power of the computational sciences with cutting-edge developments in robotics. CSR is one of only a handful of software-focused robotics programs in the country.

The CSR graduate program provides students with the skills they will need in a rapidly-evolving field. Specialized courses allow students to develop their individual technical skills along with a strong emphasis on teamwork, including research projects which involve faculty and students from a variety of disciplines.

The degree program includes a core in robotics and autonomous systems covering fundamentals of managing robotics systems in a dynamic environment. Coursework includes projects where students gain experience putting theory into practice. The active seminar program mentors students in research; provides a support network for interdisciplinary research; and a forum for students to advance their teaming and communication skills. Students who are eager to engage in research can jump on the thesis track while students who wish to broaden their academic background with additional coursework are able to pursue a non-thesis track. A wide variety of electives allow students to pursue their specific interests within the degree framework.

For a more detailed description of this degree program and its requirements, please see the SDSM&T Course Catalog: Computational Sciences and Robotics MS