Applied and Computational Mathematics BS

The primary goal of the applied and computational mathematics program is to give graduates a firm understanding of mathematics and its applications to science and engineering. Graduates are expected to develop a strong foundation of knowledge and skill in the core areas of analysis, differential equations, numerical methods, and modeling. They are also expected to attain a basic understanding of probability, statistics, and algebra. Because applied mathematicians are problem solvers, graduates must develop the ability to formulate and solve problems arising from scientific and engineering applications. This entails acquiring fundamental knowledge in the basic sciences, which School of Mines students accomplish by taking courses in an emphasis area. The student will take three courses in an external discipline that will provide exposure and depth in an application area of mathematics. Information on emphasis areas and the associated courses is available from the department or advisor.

For a more detailed description of this degree program and its requirements, please see the SD Mines Course Catalog:  Applied and Computational Mathematics BS