Why Mathematics?

Why major in mathematics?

Mathematics Student 2
  1. Mathematics is so fundamental to the information age. Below are a few websites that represent the use of expertise in mathematics:  
  2. Math majors are problem solvers!
  3. Check out when "When Will I Use Math" at WeUseMath.org.
  4. Another resource is Math Careers from the Mathematical Association of America
  5. Our math graduates consistently rank higher in terms of placement rate and our average starting salarly is usually higher than the national average.

Why major in math at the School of Mines?

  1. Hardrockers are hardcore mathematicians! Most of our degree programs require 16 credits (or more!) of mathematics and most of our majors require a strong reliance on mathematics.
  2. Our degree in applied and computational mathematics has a strong offering of applied and pure mathematics courses. This program is also structured to provide our graduates the background necessary for graduate school or to pursue jobs in industry.
  3. The personalized attention at the School of Mines has many benefits:
    Undergraduate research
    Friendly department
    Putnam Competition
    Math Modeling Contest
    Join the ranks of our great alumni!

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