Department Awards

Faculty Awards

There is a rich history of awards for the members of the Department of Mathematics. Here is a sample of them.

Publication Awards

The published research and pedagogical work of our faculty have been recognized by national mathematical associations and prestigious journals.  Department winners of outstanding publication awards include:

  • Travis Kowalski, George Pólya Award, 2017.
    (Outstanding Paper in the College Mathematics Journal)
  • Kyle Caudle, Peter Holmes Prize, 2015
    (Best Paper award from Teaching Statistics)
  • Karen Braman, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematicians Outstanding Paper Winner, 2005
  • Roger Johnson, C. Oswald George Prize, 2003
    (Best Article in Teaching Statistics)
  • Roger Johnson, C. Oswald George Prize, 2001
    (Best Article in Teaching Statistics), 2001
  • Don Teets and Dr. Karen Whitehead, Carl B. Allendoerfer Award, 2000
    (Outstanding Paper in Mathematics Magazine)

Teaching Awards

Department faculty pride themselves on high-quality teaching, and have been awarded for it.  The Bernard A. Ennenga Award was established to recognize SD Mines faculty who demonstrate teaching in teaching and motivating students.  Department recipients of the Ennenga Award include

  • Donna Kliche, Bernard A. Ennenga (SD Mines Teaching Award), 2015
  • Travis Kowalski, Bernard A. Ennenga (SD Mines Teaching Award), 2014
  • Julie Dahl, Bernard A. Ennenga (SD Mines Teaching Award), 2011
  • Laura Geary, Bernard A. Ennenga (SD Mines Teaching Award), 2006
  • Roger Johnson, Bernard A. Ennenga (SD Mines Teaching Award), 2005
  • Donald Teets, Burton W. Jones (MAA Regional Teaching Award), 2004
  • Antonette Logar, Bernard A. Ennenga (SDSM&T Teaching Award), 1996

The Burton W. Jones Distinguished Teaching Award is awarded the Mathematical Association of America to recognize mathematicians its Rocky Mountain Section for extraordinary success in University teaching.  Department recipients of the Burton Award include:

  • Travis Kowalski, Burton W. Jones (MAA Regional Teaching Award), 2019
  • Donald Teets, Bernard A. Ennenga (SDSM&T Teaching Award), 2003

SD Mines Presidential Award for Outstanding Professor

The Presidential Award for Outstanding Professor was established to recognize SD Mines faculty members who demonstrate a sustained record of outstanding overall accomplishments at the School of Mines.  Department recipients of this award include:

  • Edward Corwin, 2002
  • Antonette Logar, 1997
  • Professor Roger Opp, 1985
  • Professor Al Grimm, 1983
  • Professor David Ballew, 1981

Service Awards

Department faculty give back to the campus and the community.  Department recipients of service recognition include:

  • Antonette Logar, Guy March Medal (SD Mines Alumni Associate Award), 2019
  • Antonette Logar, MacDonald Mentoring Award from Tau Beta Pi, 2016
  • Antonette Logar, Virginia Simpson (SD Mines Service to the Community Award), 2015
  • Julie Dahl, Virginia Simpson (SD Mines Service to the Community Award), 2007

Math Alumni Awards

The Outstanding Recent Graduate Program was established in 1984 to honor SD Mines graduates who have achieved exemplary career progress and recognition within ten years of their graduation.  Mathematics graduates recognized for this award include:

  • Anna Dahl (Math 2008), 2018
  • Chester Ismay (Math 2006), 2017
  • Daniel Rausch (CSC and Math 2006), 2017
  • Sofiya Cherni (Math 2005), 2016
  • Matthew Colvin (Math and ChemE 2005), 2015
  • Darryn Frafford (Math 2003), 2014
  • Erin Landguth (Math 2002), 2013
  • Kathleen Barnes (Math 2001), 2012
  • Troy McVay (Math 1996), 2007
  • Patricia Cihak (Math 1990), 2001
  • Nick Mykris (Math 1978), 1985

The Centennial 100 Award recognized the achievements of the top 100 alumni of SD Mines alumni during its centennial anniversary celebration in 1985.  Math alumni who were honored include:

  • Martin Marsden (Math 1959), 1985
  • Ronald Peterson (Math 1968), 1985
  • Allan Peterson (Math 1963), 1985
  • Larry Schumaker (Math 1961), 1985

Math Student Awards

Every year, each the Department of Mathematics selects up to two students to honor as Outstanding Seniors.  These students are recognized for the academic achievements and department service during the annual SD Mines Honors Convocation.  Outstanding Math Seniors include:

  • Aaron Campbell, 2019
  • Ryan Waggener, 2018
  • Matthew Dyke, 2017
  • Caitlin Taggart, 2016
  • Rashyll Leonard, 2016
  • Christopher Cody, 2014
  • Eric Larsen, 2014
  • Tristin Lehmann, 2012
  • John Myers, 2011
  • Cody Alsaker, 2010
  • Melody Dodd, 2010
  • Barry Longden, 2009
  • Adam Grajkowski, 2008
  • Jill Anderson, 2007
  • Ben Edwards, 2006
  • Chester Ismay, 2006
  • Matthew Colvin, 2005
  • Anthony Gervasi, 2004
  • Darryn Frafford, 2003
  • Matthew Dahl, 2003
  • Ryan Coldwell, 2002
  • Nathan Sachs, 2002
  • Brenda Manley, 2001
  • Kathleen Peterson, 2001
  • Jason Israelson, 2000
  • Preston Schneider, 2000
  • Amanda Sampson, 1999
  • Stephanie Vogel, 1999
  • Carissa Torkelson, 1998

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science started the Student Leadership Hall of Fame program in 2013 to honor students for outstanding contributions of leadership in regard to department activities.  Math student inductees include:

  • Nicholas Chmielewski, 2019
  • Christopher Smith (Math & CS), 2016
  • Jessica Gillaspie, 2015
  • Erica Daniels, 2014

Department Head
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Interim Department Head/Professor
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Office: MDB 100

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Due to construction in McLaury, the Math department office is located in the lower level of the Dakota Building at 306 E. St. Joseph Street.