ME Department Scholarship Applications

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has a limited number of scholarships to award to students. The funds for these scholarships come from private and corporate donations. The scholarships vary in selection criteria, duration, and award amount. For continuing mechanical engineering students to be considered for a departmental scholarship, they need to submit the below application form each spring semester. For your convenience, each year in mid-February, the ME secretary will email current students a reminder to complete their scholarship application. Students selected to receive a scholarship will be notified by mail. Scholarship awards are made year-round as scholarships become available. Special note to all incoming freshmen and transfer students: you are automatically considered for departmental scholarships and do not need to fill out an application. 

Scholarship Application

Due to the generosity of Larry (ME72) and Linda Pearson, the Department of Mechanical Engineering is able to offer a limited number of scholarships for students pursuing a minor in petroleum systems. Please see below for details on the minor, and be advised that a separate application is required to be considered for this scholarship. The link to the application is included below.

Minor in Petroleum Systems

Offered by: Department of Geology and Geological Engineering
The petroleum industry employs a wide variety of engineers and scientists and this interdisciplinary minor is available to any student on campus interested in expanding their portfolio of coursework to include additional content relevant to the energy sector. Science and engineering majors may pursue a Minor in Petroleum Systems by completing eighteen (18) credit hours of courses including fluid mechanics (GEOL 218 or ME 331 or EM 331), GEOE 461, and the petroleum field camp section (3 cr.) of GEOE 412. A minimum of six credits must be for courses outside of those that are required or elective in their major. 
More information at the SD Mines Catalog.

Scholarship Application for Petroleum Systems Minor