ME Manufacturing Labs

The SD Mines ME Difference

The SD Mines Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a cohesive project-based learning curriculum. But unlike many universities, we offer a comprehensive training program that ensures student safety and the opportunity to learn regardless of a student's level of experience.  Students have the option of training in traditional "hands-on" processes or "hands-off" computer-based fabrication.

Students develop their own projects to maximize student interest, ownership, and motivation. This extends into project-based coursework, participation in extracurricular activities, and student-generated non-academic projects.

The goal of this approach is to help students develop key design for manufacturing skills, including process-planning, resource-planning, material selection, cost analysis, CAD, GD&T, and project management through concurrent engineering and fabrication. We maximize student effort by allowing students the freedom to choose the project.

Project-Based Courses

ME 126L Product Design and Development, Design for Manufacturing

ME 264/264L Product Design and Development, Electromechanical systems

ME 265/265L Product Design and Development, Systems Engineering

ME 269/269L Product Design and Development, Design for Manufacturing

ME 477/479/481L/482L Advanced Product Design and Development

Project-Based Student Activities

  • SEDS
  • VEX Robotics
  • CAMP
  • Student Projects

Conventional Manufacturing Lab CM 214

    Woods Lab CM 204

      Design, Additive Manufacturing Lab CM 234


        Industrial Support

        Caterpillar Inc.
        Cargill, Inc.
        Neiman Enterprises
        Nucor Corporation




        • Dustin Berg
        • Jorge Cisneros
        • Kaycee Johnson
        • Cory Mohill-Smith
        • Taylor Muncie
        • Tanner Nelson
        • Russell Phillips
        • Daniel Rohde
        • Weston Shutts
        • Cade Venhuizen